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Providing better Education paves way for the development of Country & Citizens
Creating an environment which fulfills the National policy and needs of an Educational environment
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It's a privilege as a Zonal Director of Education in the Hatton Zone to give my blessing to the web site which is to be opened by the web team of our Zone. I Believe that we all could obtain more through the web site.

I congratulate Mr. P.E.G.Surendran ADE, Mr.W.A.M.Bodaragama ADE, and their colleagues who have taken keen interest to launch this site.

Mrs. C. Kanapathy.

It's a pleasure to give my congratulatory message for this launched of our Zonal Web site. This is our portal to the world from this site, all could see the work done by our team in the Education Office.

I congratulate the web team who has given their best to make this dream a reality.

Mrs. P.H.M. Chandralatha.

Divisional Education Office Hatton(25.05.1989)

Mr.D.B.Aldeniya -1989.05.25 - 1992.12.31

Zonal Education Office Hatton

Mr.D.B.Aldeniya - 1993.01.01 - 1996.10.31

Mr.D.S.D.Ranasinghe- 1996.11.01 - 1996.12.31.

Mr.N.M.L.K.B.Nawaratne - 1997.01.01 - 1999.07.01

Mr.D.M.Aberetna -1999.07.02 - 2003.01.24

Mr.M.Rankaraj - 2003.01.25 - 2005.12.07

Ms.S.V.K.Rajalingam - 2005.12.08 - 2010.01.05

Mr.M.Rankaraj - 2010.01.06 - 2012.04.24

Ms.C.Kanapathy - 2012.04.25 -

Our team worked very hard to bring this dreamĀ  a reality. There are problems but in due time we hope we can iron out everything and give for a good account ourselves.


Mr. P.E.G. Surendran,


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